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The World's First Electric Water Flossing Toothbrush

  • Say Goodbye To Plaque, Stains & Bacterias

  • Flosser Brush MouthPiece with Multiple Attachment Heads

  • Saves Time, Provides Professional Oral Cleaning

  • Portable & Easy To Use Design

  • Brushes and Flosses Your Teeth At The Same Time

  • Perfect For Both Braces & Dental Prosthesis

  • Enhanced with Natural FlossDrops for Optimal Oral Health

PuurSmile Water-Flosser


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6x Floss Drops

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6x Floss Drops

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3x Floss Drops

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Free Shipping

200,000+ Happy Customers





Free Shipping

200,000+ Happy Customers

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What's in the Box

  • Puur Smile Water-Flosser - the famous water flosser that allows you to brush & floss at the same time, and much more.
  • 2x Flosser Brush Tips - to floss and brush at the same time so you never miss a session
  • 1x Classic Orthodontic Tip - the basic water flosser tip to clean in between teeth and braces
  • 1x Jet Tip - strongest blaster for to blast away the toughest of plaque
  • 1x Hook Tip - designed to get the tough to reach plaque hiding behind your teeth
  • 1x Gumline Tip - softer tip designed for cleaning the gum lining and preventing gum disease
  • 1x Tongue Tip - to clean out your tongue and eliminate bad breath
  • 1x Charging Cable - charging cable with USB port to easily charge the device
  • 1x Gift Box - beautiful package to store the product or gift it

FlossDrop Ingredients


Bring Your Smile Everywhere You Go

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$199 $99.00

About PuurSmile Flosser

  • Reduced Brushing & Flossing Time

  • High-Pressure Water Technology

  • Helps Removing Plaque and Stains

  • Flosser + FlossDrop Reduce 99.9% Bacteria

  • Comfortable And Easy To Use

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$199 $99.00

The Toothbrush of the 21st Century

The Water Flossing Toothbrush

Puur Smile was designed by dental experts to ensure a pain-free flossing and brushing experience. Leveraging high-pressure water technology, the flosser brush head delivers powerful cleaning with 140 PSI water strength, cleaning even the toughest plaque. The added FlossDrops formula integrates with water to enhance the whitening effect and dissolve stubborn stains from coffee or tobacco.

The Healthiest Way to Maintain Oral Hygiene

Puur Smile is the first toothbrush to integrate brushing and high-pressure water flossing, marked as the most significant innovation in dental care for decades. The flosser brush head is crafted from top-grade materials, making it significantly more hygienic than traditional toothbrushes.

Highly Efficient 360° Cleaning Technology

The Puur Smile toothbrush offers precise pressure and a comprehensive 360 degrees cleaning, efficiently reaching every tooth and the gum line, including those tough-to-reach spots.

Save Money and Enhance Dental Health At Once

Puur Smile represents a breakthrough in cost-effective dental technology, combining deep cleaning and whitening capabilities to deliver truly professional results.

Set The Flossing Intensity To Suit Your Dental Needs

Puur Smile features 5 adjustable power settings, catering to various dental conditions, whether it's sensitive gums or the need for intense cleaning.

1. Gentle modes for soothing gum massage

2. Intense cleaning modes for deep flossing

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$199 $99.00

Only Takes 30 Seconds

  • Incorporates FlossDrops for Advanced Teeth Whitening

  • High-Pressure Water Pulses from 140 PSI

  • 7 different attachment heads to clean from

  • Waterproof and Portable with 300ml water tank

  • Extended Battery Life of Up to 40 Days

How Does Puur Smile Water Flossing Toothbrush Work?


Add 3-5 drops of FlossDrops to the water tank.


Insert the flosser brush into your mouth, and brush as normal.


Use it for one minute and get a full brush and floss at the same time! Enjoy your clean, bright, & fresh smile!


Puur Smile is the first water flossing toothbrush of the new era, and it’s here to help you with all your oral hygiene needs.

Short Brush Time

Save precious minutes with Puur Smile! It only takes 1 minute to brush and floss your teeth, giving you more time for yourself.

Efficient Cleaning

Puur Smile employs a high-pressure water flosser that reaches deep between teeth and below the gumline, using a method that is highly effective at removing plaque and debris.

Teeth Whitening

Puur Smile doesn’t just clean; it also enhances your smile. Infused with FlossDrops containing natural whitening agents like xylitol and essential oils, it helps to naturally brighten your teeth during each use.

Here's a tailored version highlighting the specific features of the Puur Smile Water Flossing Toothbrush:


Versatile Flosser Brush Head: The Puur Smile comes equipped with a flosser brush head that integrates high-pressure water jet technology, allowing for a deeper clean between teeth and along the gum line, far more effectively than traditional brushing. This advanced feature helps remove plaque efficiently, reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease.

Multiple Attachment Options: With seven unique attachment heads, including options for sensitive gums, tongue cleaning, and even a sinus-clearing nose blaster, Puur Smile caters to a wide range of oral hygiene needs. Customize your dental care routine to suit your personal needs with ease.

High-Pressure Water Cleaning: The device’s high-pressure water cleaning capability, reaching up to 140 PSI, ensures a professional-level clean by dislodging food particles and bacteria from hard-to-reach areas, promoting overall dental health.

Large Water Tank for Portability: Designed with a 300ml detachable water tank, Puur Smile offers the convenience of portability without frequent refills. Ideal for travel or home use, it maintains its effectiveness anywhere you go.

Innovative Flossdrop Solution: Infused with natural ingredients like xylitol and essential oils, the Flossdrop solution used in the Puur Smile enhances the cleaning process. This formula not only cleans but also delivers a fresh, minty burst, making oral hygiene a refreshing experience.

An investment in your oral health: Puur Smile can be a wise investment in your long-term oral health. It can help prevent cavities and gum disease, which can save you money on dental care in the long run.


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Don't Take Our Word For It.

See What Our Customers Say About Puur Smile


I've seen many versions of water flossers, but nothing like Puur Smile. While it may not replace traditional brushing completely, it excels in whitening when used with the Flossdrops that enhance cleaning effectiveness.

Verified customer


My daughter's dentist was impressed by how clean her teeth were at her last appointment. I'm convinced! Spending less than $100 for such impressive results seems more than fair.

Verified customer


I bought this for my mother, who struggles with arthritis. The simplicity of the device is a game-changer, though finding the right consistency of toothpaste or gel for the water tank took some trial and error. The gel works best.

Verified customer


I was skeptical but decided to try the Puur Smile during a sale. The difference was noticeable immediately. I don't usually floss, but the flosser attachment is incredible. Battery life lasts over a month on a single charge.

Verified customer


Gave it to my nephew who hates brushing. He's actually excited to use it now, and his teeth are visibly cleaner. It turned daily brushing from a chore into a fun activity for him.

Verified customer

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